10 Fundamentals of CPEC

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What is China-Pakistan Economic Corridor?

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a major and pilot project of the Belt and Road Initiative which is proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping. CPEC has become the framework and platform for comprehensive and substantive cooperation between China and Pakistan...


What are the principles guiding the construction of CPEC?

As a large and systematic project, which covers 2013-2030, CPEC needs joint and unremitting efforts by governments, companies and all social sectors of China and Pakistan. In the process of its construction, both sides agreed on the principles of scientific planning,..


What fields does CPEC cover?

According to the consensus reached by the two countries, both sides agreed to promote a “1+4” pattern of economic cooperation, featuring a central role of the CPEC and four key areas including the Gwadar port, energy, transportation infrastructure and industrial...


What are the cooperation mechanisms of CPEC?

To promote the construction of CPEC, China and Pakistan have set up the Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC). There are five joint working groups under JCC, namely long-term planning, energy, transportation infrastructure,..


What is the progress made in the sector of Gwadar port under the CPEC?

Situated at the southern end of CPEC near the ocean mouth, Gwadar port is an important project of the CPEC. In order to improve the operational capacity of the port, China Overseas Ports Holding Company Ltd. (COPHC) has carried out repairs and up-gradation...


What is the progress made in the energy sector under the CPEC?

Energy is the source of power for economic development and a key factor in the sustainable development of the Pakistan economy. Efforts are required to speed up the construction of energy projects so as to help Pakistan relieve energy shortage and achieve sustainable development...


What is the progress made in the transportation infrastructure sector under the CPEC?

Efficient and fast transportation network is of vital importance to the economic development. The CPEC shall essentially follow the North-south corridor in Pakistan. The existing road network shall be used in the beginning, developing the missing connections first...

8 What is the progress made in the sector of industrial and investment Cooperation under the CPEC?

Industrial cooperation is an important field of CPEC. It is of vital importance to the uplifting of the level of economic cooperation and expansion of the space for industrial cooperation between our two countries. It carries huge potential and a bright future...


What projects does the CPEC have in the western parts of Pakistan?

CPEC is for Pakistan as a whole and will bring benefits to the Pakistani people including the people from the western parts. Some CPEC projects in the western parts of Pakistan are making progress. For example, the KKH (Thakot to Havelian) phase Ⅱ and Suki Kinari Hydropower Station...


How can CPEC better benefit all the regions in Pakistan?

China and Pakistan have reached consensus on the basis of "one corridor, multiple passages”, aiming to benefit the economic and social development of all regions in Pakistan and provide effective connectivity to Gwadar port. The western route is definitely a part of CPEC...