The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is opening attractive avenues for investment emerging from economic cooperation between the two rising powers of Asia! With extensive roads, railways, ports, and energy infrastructure being laid down, businessmen all around Pakistan are finding new opportunities that are worth their money and time.

The Corridor is granting enhanced connectivity and power to the otherwise diffracted and energy hungry economic centers of Pakistan. With many projects having entered their realization phase, and many more being developed on fast-track as part of the Early Harvest Projects, multiple business opportunities across the value chains of industry are set to open up.

Prospectus businesses facilitated by the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor can be categorized as:

  • Mechanized farming
  • Electricity-operated cottage industry
  • High-capacity industrial units
  • Factory – market road transportation and distribution services
  • Rail-supported bulk transit of goods
  • Construction services for energy, road, and rail projects through government tender
  • Dry ports along the CPEC routes
  • Storage facilities for transit goods
  • Storage facilities around the Gwadar port
  • Storage facilities around the Havelian dry port
  • Storage facilities around the Gwadar International Airport
  • Rest houses across the CPEC route and Gwadar International Airport
  • Restaurants across the CPEC route and around other project sites
  • Taxi-services at the airport, sea ports, and dry ports
  • Taxi-services to and from the terminals of Lahore Orange-line Metro
  • Consultancy and brokerage services for Chinese and Pakistani investors
  • Medicinal distribution and supply networks to and from the China-Pakistan Friendship Hospital in Gwadar
  • Human Resource and recruitment agencies linked to the Pak-China Technical and Vocational Institute in Gwadar

The above mentioned business opportunities are not exhaustive and the Corridor has room for all scales, sizes, and forms of investments. It is being termed as a game changer that would not only strengthen the overall economic outlook of Pakistan and China, but also facilitate the strengthening of the business communities of the two countries at a micro-level.