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'Danish firms will indirectly benefit from CPEC' - In an interview with Danish Commercial Counselor

Date : 09-06-2017

Assar Qureshi is a Pakistani-origin diplomat working for the Danish Foreign Services. After receiving international schooling in Copenhagen, he went to the United Kingdom where he received his graduat...   Read more

Interview: B&R Initiative becomes living global reality for win-win cooperation: Senator Mushahid Hussain

Date : 10-05-2017

ISLAMABAD: The Belt and Road Initiative has become a living global reality for its inclusive and cooperative nature, and the win-win cooperation will benefit all, said Senator Mushahid Hussain, chairm...   Read more

'It is important for Jammu & Kashmir to be part of CPEC' - In an Interview with Senator Mushahid Hussain

Date : 06-05-2017

It is important for Jammu and Kashmir to be part of CPEC: Mushahid Hussain

  • China is the only country in history which is making a transition from a regional power to a great power...   Read more

RIDING THE TIDE - An interview with Ahsan Iqbal

Date : 11-04-2017

In conversation with Ahsan Iqbal

Ahsan Iqbal is deputy chairman of the Planning Commission and federal minister for Planning, Development and Reform, which is shepherding the China-Pakistan ...   Read more

Interview: Senator Mushahid Hussain for Economic Times

Date : 21-03-2017

When Pakistan was a member of US-backed military pacts and gave bases to the Americans during the Cold War, we took decisions independently as any sovereign country should, says Mushahid Husain.

...   Read more

An Interview on China's 'Two Sessions' with Mustafa Hyder Sayed

Date : 08-03-2017

Executive Director of Pakistan-China Institute, Mustafa Hyder Sayed, in an interview with China Radio International, commented on the importance of China's NPC and CPPCC Annual Sessions for realis...   Read more

CPEC bringing in the missing growth: Interview with CEO, MCB - Arif Habib Savings & Investments Ltd.

Date : 18-02-2017

BR Research recently met with Muhammad Saqib Saleem who is the Chief Executive Officer of MCB-Arif Habib Savings and Investments Limited. He is a Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant...   Read more

Interview: Muhammad Salman Iqbal

Date : 07-02-2017

It is the blessing of Allah that today Pakistan has become the choice destination of investment both for the domestic and foreign investors. You in the current scenario there is an economic crisis el...   Read more

Interview with Malik Ahmed Jalal

Date : 06-02-2017

Aman Foundation, started in 2008/09, wants a systematic change in Pakistan so that it can transform one life at a time. The foundation was built as a social enterprise and it acts on an entrepreneuria...   Read more

AMBASSADOR H.E. SUN WEIDONG - 'Chinese Year of the Rooster heralds progress' for CPEC

Date : 28-01-2017

H.E. Sun Weidong explained the concept of Rooster in the Chinese calendar, saying it is a symbol of time to rise and get to work, and drew parallels with the CPEC which has entered a ...   Read more

Interview with Dostain Khan Jamaldini

Date : 23-01-2017

BR Research recently visited Gwadar to get a look and feel of CPEC projects in the famous fishing district. There we also had a detailed sit-down with Dostain Khan Jamaldini, Chairman, Gwadar Port Aut...   Read more

'This area needs an open border': An interview with Professor Li Xiguang

Date : 09-01-2017

Not a military buildup

"We can use the idea of soft borders to the settlement of the border disputes of Indian occupied lands of China’s South Tibet and Kashmir. ...   Read more

Pakistan's game changer

Date : 29-12-2016

AURORA: Could we start with a brief overview of SECMC’s mandate in Thar?
SHAMSUDDIN AHMED SHAIKH: SECMC has been involved in Thar for the last eight years. For background, coal was discov...   Read more

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