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Chinese investment boosts Pakistan's economic growth

Date : 17-02-2017

However, some in Pakistan are concerned about the massive expansion and penetration of Chinese enterprises into local industries. Recently, for instance, a Chinese-led consortium decided to take a 40%...   Read more

ACCA Global to conduct research on CPEC, joins hand with Pakistan-China Institute

Date : 04-02-2017

LAHORE: Pakistan is embracing the global digital world economy and the government is also becoming part of the system, said Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Chief Executive Helen ...   Read more

CPEC and the 21st century convergence of civilizations

Date : 21-01-2017

The current century presents a plethora of strategic opportunities for Pakistan, provided that Islamabad knows how to pluck the low-hanging fruit and take the initiative. The steady development of the...   Read more

South Asia's quest for a future

Date : 02-10-2016

In 2014, when Narendra Modi was elected Prime Minister, the noted Indian historian, Pankaj Mishra, wrote that “India is entering its most sinister period since independence in 1947”. In le...   Read more

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