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Corridors, Culture and Connectivity, a monograph series, is Pakistan China Institute’s latest research project. The monographs encompass topics ranging from regional economic integration and development to geostrategic significance and socio-cultural dynamics in and of the Asian region, as well as international developments that have a bearing on Pakistan-China relations in particular, and the region as a whole.

To this end, PCI is working with academicians across Pakistan to develop a comprehensive body of research work on CPEC. Covering various aspects, including rail and road connectivity, regional security, and stability, as well as the socio-economic impact on Pakistan and the region. The first of these monographs focuses on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and its impact on Balochistan.

Author:  Malik Mirza / Ahmed Lodhi
Date : 04-12-2017
Author:  Haris Azhar / Amna Syed
Date : 13-10-2017
Author:  Arshmah Jamil
Date : 20-01-2016

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