A golden opportunity

By : Ishrat Husain
Date : 26-04-2017

INFRASTRUCTURE projects all over the world have a tendency towards cost overruns and schedule delays. Pakistan’s implementation record has been relatively worse, ir...   Read more

Bhikki: the untold story

By : Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif
Date : 26-04-2017

Ever since the people voted in Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for a third term in office, no other matter has consumed as much of his time and energy as conceiving strategie...   Read more

Linking Afghanistan to China's Belt and Road

By : Ahmad Bilal Khalil
Date : 25-04-2017

Linking Kabul to both the China-Pakistan Energy Corridor and OBOR could go a long way in bringing the region together.

From the first day, Kabul pragmatically w...   Read more

What's CPEC, and How Does the Future of the Multipolar World Depend on It?

By : Andrew Korybko
Date : 25-04-2017

Andrew just returned from Pakistan's National Defence University where he was lecturing on the geostrategic significance of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and ...   Read more

Pakistan poised for economic success

By : Malik Muhammad Ashraf
Date : 21-04-2017

The World Bank in its South Asia Economic Focus Report for 2017 has projected 5.25 % GDP growth rate in Pakistan. In early February Fitch Ratings, a global agency which m...   Read more

Combating development perils

By : Jahanzeb Awan
Date : 20-04-2017

In order to reap the full benefits of economic opportunities including the CPEC, Pakistan needs human capital that is both healthy and educated. Unfortunately, we are not...   Read more

Past, present and future

By : Faizan Khan
Date : 19-04-2017

The journey from the days of terrorism to an era of economic development was not easy. Pakistan not only survived but is among the top growing economies as highlighted by...   Read more

Revitalising Pak-Romania relations

By : Aymen Ijaz
Date : 18-04-2017

Pakistan and Romania have historical relations since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1964. The two countries have longstanding cooperation in political, econ...   Read more

Clean energy can be produced even with coal

By : Syed Akhtar Ali
Date : 17-04-2017

ISLAMABAD: Coal power has acquired a bad image, perhaps less due to its pollution dimension and more due to the CO2 emission which produce greenhouse gases, causing clima...   Read more

Pakistan at a crossroads

By : Atta-ur-Rahman
Date : 12-04-2017

Pakistan stands at a crossroads. There is progress in some areas and lack of development in others. Due to the measures introduced in 2001 – when I was the federal ...   Read more

CPEC: Destiny changer

By : Athar Z Abbasi
Date : 12-04-2017

While writing this article, I had a flashback of my visit to Beijing, China. I still remember the interactive discourse of a Chinese guest speaker in which he apprised th...   Read more

Economic growth with a difference

By : Jawaid Bokhari
Date : 11-04-2017

Emerging economic growth trends, which seem to be reversing the decades-old process of de-industrialisation, have become more pronounced in the first half of the current ...   Read more

The Chinese belt and road initiative

By : Salman Bashir
Date : 11-04-2017

China will host the first Summit of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in May 2017. This initiative is hugely consequential, as the world is witnessing changes on a civil...   Read more

Lending for fixed investment

By : Mohiuddin Aazim
Date : 10-04-2017

During the current fiscal year, banks’ lending for fixed investment has been growing both on higher demand and improved supply of funds.

As the economy sh...   Read more

CPEC prospects

Date : 10-04-2017

Sir: The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a highly crucial venture in Pakistan. Still, under construction, it aims to connect Gwadar Port in southwestern Pakist...   Read more

China's developmental peace initiative

By : S Qamar A Rizvi
Date : 06-04-2017

LAST month, the Chinese concept of building ‘a human community with shared destiny’ was incorporated into a UN Security Council resolution for the first time,...   Read more

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