Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is the future of Pakistan and its timely completion is top priority of the government. The CPEC would lead to generation of employment opportunities across the country and would lead to enhancement in trade and poverty reduction. Although it took almost two years to sort it out but now CPEC is fast progressing.

The bilateral context of China and Pakistan is rooted in the friendship of our two countries that matches the proverbial saying that it is a friendship as pure as water, as sweet as honey, and as high as the Himalayas. The bond of friendship and trust between our two beloved countries have stood the test of time, and forms the foundation of cooperation in the entire spectrum ranging from trade, investment and energy to defense, transportation, science and technology.

Pakistan shares the perspective that connectivity and development are critical to progress, prosperity, and security in the region. We support the one belt one road initiative of President Xi and remain committed to make China-Pakistan Economic Corridor a means for regional progress and prosperity. With its unique geo-strategic location and at the confluence of South, West and Central Asia and having excellent relations with all states in the region, Pakistan is ready to play its role in developing these linkages and looks forward to share the benefits of CPEC with all.