Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Prime Minister of Pakistan

I feel honored to host HE Mr. Xi Jinping President of the People’s Republic of China on his eagerly awaited state visit to Pakistan. I, on behalf of the people of Pakistan and the government of PML N, sincerely and wholeheartedly welcome our worthy friend and convey our good wishes.I wish to reiterate that Sino-Pakistan friendship is a fraternal reality that is much above considerations of formal alliances and pacts. Pakistan and China are committed to each other irrespective of established norms of interstate relations. In the annals of international relations Sino-Pak relationship is unparalleled, reflecting consistent harmony and goodwill. Both countries maintain ties that are all pervasive in nature positively affecting our large citizenry. I am confident that the visit of HE Mr. Xi Jinping augurs well for Pakistan and holds very special significance in many ways. China wishes to share fruits of its high economic performance with Pakistan by entering into a host of joint ventures aimed at enhancing Pakistan’s capability in the fields of power generation, road infrastructure and ports. The multifaceted China Pakistan Economic Corridor will take our relations to an entirely new level and bring in a series of mutually beneficial economic advantages.

I acknowledge that the investment by major Chinese public and private sector enterprises in Pakistan is one of the largest influxes of foreign capital in Pakistan. It gives me great pleasure to note that majority of these projects has been initiated during the tenure of the present government that are now nearing implementation and commissioning stages. These projects would not only hugely impact Pakistan economy but would also boost confidence of international investors in the entire region. I am sure that the projects under China Pakistan Economic Corridor will create new job opportunities for our professional and skilled workers. They will help boost our national confidence and instill a sense of pride in all of us. In addition the Chinese groups and companies will have long term benefits from investment in Pakistan which will also open up new trade and investment opportunities for them at home and abroad. I am glad to note that this spurt of healthy productive activity is taking place in the year 2015 aptly titled as “Year of Friendship” between both countries. The quantum leap in business relations will result in stronger interaction between the people of both countries and result in further strengthening of our relations. I look forward to the visit of our worthy friend and wish him a very pleasant stay in Pakistan.