The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is paving way for educational excellence in China and Pakistan! With multiple university collaborations, and research think-tanks being established, CPEC is providing study abroad and research opportunities for students of both countries.

The governments of Pakistan and China have established institutional links between two renowned universities of the two countries i.e. Xinjiang Normal University, China, and the National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Pakistan.

Institutional collaboration proposed under CPEC:

  1. MoU between NUML, Islamabad, and Xinjiang Normal University, Urumqi, for cooperation on higher education.
  2. Agreement on collaborative establishment of NUML International Center of Education (NICE) between NUML, Islamabad, Pakistan, and Xinjiang Normal University, Urumqi, China.

At the primary stage, collaboration between two public universities of China and Pakistan has been proposed. This collaboration would lay ground for further associations between other institutions of higher education and enable an intellectual exchange between the two peoples.

Furthermore, the economic interdependence of China and Pakistan is shaping a shared destiny for the two people in every walk of life, including academia. Pakistani and Chinese scholars are establishing collaborative research institutes and exchanging ideas on both sides of the border. This academic approach to the CPEC is paving way for Pakistani students to pursue higher education in Chinese universities, and for Chinese students to do the same in Pakistan.

In realization of this collaboration, students must consider study abroad options in the two countries and avail from the numerous state and university sponsored scholarships available. The CPEC Portal is committed to ensuring academic excellence among the youth of two countries and would feature all such opportunities.

For now, students in Pakistan can visit the following website to explore study abroad options in China: